Clean with Microfiber

March 11, 2016

5 Reasons to Clean with Microfiber

Did you know that microfiber has had a long and interesting history to clean with microfiber? Some say the English invented it and some argue it was Sweden that marketed the first commercially available microfiber cloth. Others say it is purely a Japanese introduction. In fact, according to some, Japanese scientists developed the cloth while looking to improve women’s swimwear around forty years ago. They wanted to create a lightweight swimsuit that would wick away water while still attractively conforming to the body. However, it turns out that the cloth was so absorbent that it made the swimsuit too heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Around ten years later, though, English scientists revisited the fabric’s super absorbent qualities and realized that, though a failed attempt in the athletic fashion industry, it had potential in the cleaning industry. After some tweaking and refining took place, the microfiber cloth was introduced to the world in 2001 as an absorbent cleaning tool.

Now, how’s that for a bit of a history lesson?!

We love microfiber cloths around here! Not only do we use them in all of our professional cleaning services, but we also use them around our own homes. They make eco-friendly cleaning infinitely easier by lifting away dirt and grime and trapping it between the fibers – wet or dry – leaving you with a clean and polished surface.

Clean with Microfiber

Eliminate the Use of Harsh Chemicals

Due to the superior cleaning powers of this magical cloth, you eliminate the need to use harsh chemicals and multiple products to scrub away dirt, dust off debris or buff away stains. Most regular cleaning products are full of harsh solvents, detergents and harmful chemicals like bleach, ammonia, sulfates and parabens. Just look at the warning signs on the back of these labels! If you have small kids or have allergies, you really don’t want these items around! When you use a microfiber cloth, you really don’t need too much to wipe down those surfaces. For day to day cleaning, just grab your microfiber cloth, run it underwater, ring the water out and start scrubbing!

Help the Environment – and Save Money, Too!

Your kid spills milk. What do you do? You grab a paper towel (or multiple sheets of it!) to wipe up the spill. Your milk splashes as you sleepily pour yourself a bowl of cereal to satisfy that 1:00 AM hunger pang. What do you do? You grab that roll of paper towel again. Before you know it, you’re left with an empty roll that needs to be refilled, yet again. Yes, they are super absorbent, which is why we reach for that roll of Bounty sitting on our counter-top. But, it also adds up like crazy if you have a ton of spillage and wipe ups happening in your home on a daily basis. The more economical alternative that will help you save money? Microfiber. It’s so absorbent you won’t have to worry about rinsing and re-wiping over and over again. Just wipe down the surface in question and throw it in the wash to reuse again. The environment will thank you and so will your wallet.

5 Reasons to Clean with Microfiber

Multipurpose – You Can Use Them Everywhere

I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me something is multipurpose, I get excited at the prospect of getting more bang for my buck. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you that you can use microfiber literally everywhere. Use them wet in the kitchen to grip any leftover food residue on your counter-tops and stove-top, leaving them spotless and shiny. Wipe down your cabinets with them without leaving any water marks. Dab a corner of one into a bit of olive oil and buff away and stains on your stainless steel. Got dust covered furniture? Fear not…use the microfiber cloth! It’ll grab away the dustiest of dusts and give you a clean so fast you won’t even remember you haven’t cleaned in ages.

Blessed with a Long Life

Yes, you heard that right…these little miracle sweepers are keepers! You can have the dirtiest and messiest job cleaned up with a microfiber cloth, but the moment it goes into the wash for a good scrub-a-dub-dub those fibers loosen up the gunk and get rid of the dirt that once was there, leaving you with a nice fresh cloth ready to be used once again. Are you worried about how washing them so much might get rid of their magical powers? Don’t worry, microfiber can be washed up to 500 times and still keep its absorbency levels pretty darn high.

Got Stains? 

Just like microfiber works great at removing dirt and grime from the more obvious surfaces in your home, it is just as effective in cleaning up a spill from the carpet. Working with just water, the tiny fibers work to suck up the dirt from your upholstery and carpeting and lift off stains in a pinch. For Maid services Booking contact us