Clean Baseboards

September 10, 2023

How Do You Clean a Basement After Construction? Tips from Toronto Maids

Building something new in your basement is a thrilling adventure! But once the construction team leaves, a big mess stays behind. It’s easy to feel stuck looking at all the dust and scattered pieces lying around. But don’t worry! Our Toronto Maids have put together this guide to help you clean up.

In this article, our Toronto Maids are sharing their best, easy-to-follow tips to clean every corner of your basement, step by step.

Gather Necessary Cleaning Supplies

To undertake this cleaning mission, ensure you have all the necessary cleaning supplies. Toronto Maids recommend having the following items at hand:

  • Brooms
  • Dustpans
  • Mops
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Garbage bags
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning agents
  • A ladder

Necessary Cleaning Supplies

Toronto Maids emphasize using high-quality cleaning agents that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This not only protects your newly renovated space but is also a commitment to safeguarding the environment.

Dress Appropriately

Remember to dress in comfortable clothing that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. Toronto Maids advise wearing gloves and a mask to avoid inhaling the dust and to protect your skin.

Remove Large Debris and Dust

Before you embark on detailed cleaning, remove all large pieces of debris and dust. Sweep the floor meticulously to get rid of the visible dirt.

Clean the Ceiling

Toronto Maids often encounter dust and cobwebs clinging to the ceiling post-construction. Using a broom with an extended handle or a mop, clean the ceiling diligently, reaching into all corners.

Clean the Walls

Once the ceiling is sparkling clean, shift your attention to the walls. Wipe the walls with a damp cloth, working your way from top to bottom to avoid dripping on the cleaned areas. If you notice any stains, use a cleaning agent to remove them effectively.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors hold hidden dirt in crevices and corners. Toronto Maids suggest using a small brush to clean the window sills and door frames. Following this, wipe the windows and doors with a clean cloth to bring back the shine.


Flooring is a critical aspect that requires meticulous cleaning. The cleaning method might vary based on the specific kind of floor surface:

  • Tiles: Use a mop with a cleaning agent suitable for tiles.
  • Wood: Utilize a wood cleaner to retain the shine and prevent damage.
  • Carpet: Consider getting it cleaned by professional Toronto Maids to ensure a deep clean.

Ensure you clean the baseboards and corners to avoid dust accumulation.

Fixtures and Fittings

Don’t forget the fixtures and fittings. Light fixtures, electrical outlets, and switches often harbor dust. Toronto Maids advocate using a dry cloth to clean these areas, ensuring they remain functional and clean.

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems often get clogged with dust and debris during construction. Cleaning them is vital to maintain good air quality in your basement. Consider calling in Toronto Maids specialists to handle this sensitive area with the expertise it demands.

Final Touch with Vacuum

To give a final touch to your clean-up mission, run a vacuum cleaner over the entire basement, focusing on corners and hidden spaces. It not only picks up the fine dust but gives the space a fresh feel.

Dispose of the Cleaning Supplies Properly

Toronto Maids prioritize environmental consciousness. Dispose of the used cleaning supplies appropriately. Recycle what you can and ensure to dispose of hazardous materials according to your local regulations.

Schedule Regular Cleanings

Now that your basement is sparkling clean, Toronto Maids recommend scheduling regular cleaning sessions to maintain the pristine condition of your space.


With these easy-to-follow tips from Toronto Maids, your basement will not just be a renovated space but one that shines in every nook and cranny, showcasing the fresh changes and enhancing the overall beauty and utility of your basement.

Should you find the task too daunting or wish for a sparkling finish that only professionals can provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Maid in T.O!

We are here to make your life easier and your home brighter, bringing a touch of sparkle to your renovated basement, and ensuring it is clean and safe for you to enjoy. Contact us today to book your House Cleaning Maid Service in Toronto.