Remove Stubborn Food Stains

February 2, 2016

How to Remove Stubborn Food Stains

I love a good breakfast, especially on weekends. Eggs, french toast, quiche, pancakes, you name it! I also love taking advantage of what little daylight we get in the winter and scrambling my little family out the door for the many activities this beautiful city offers. This usually means my big production of a breakfast ends up in quite a few dishes in my sink and my rush out the door means I come back to crusty bits plastered all over them. Fortunately, I’ve got a trick up my sleeve that will save you time and remove stubborn food stains off in a jiffy! And when I say jiffy, I literally mean it takes seconds.

How to Remove Stubborn Food Stains

All you need is:

  • A bowl, jar or container to mix the solution in
  • About 2 teaspoons of your favorite dish soap
  • A splash of white vinegar (you can tell we are obsessed with vinegar from the Costco-sized bottle up there!)
  • A dish brush or sponge, whatever your preference is

Dish soap

I’m a big fan of mason jars. They’re just so simple. Make what you need to, pop the lid back on and store. You can use a small bowl, too, though. Just squeeze in your dish soap, add a splash of vinegar, and give it a good shake! Dip your brush/sponge in and apply to the dish in question using a circular motion.

You’ll notice how quickly those bits rub right off, no matter how stubborn they were before! You’ll also notice you won’t have to use as much elbow grease as you normally would or have to fill up your sink full of warm water and soap to let soak before you scrub. Amazing, eh?! Check out how the plate gleams seconds after we wash it with this solution.

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