what cleaning products do maids use

November 22, 2022

What Cleaning Products Do Maids Use to Clean?

Maids are known for performing domestic chores such as wiping windows, mopping floors, wiping tables, and scrubbing windows. But what cleaning products do they use to get the job done?

Common Equipment

It’s possible that the ordinary individual isn’t aware of all of the different cleaning products that maids have access to. When it comes to cleaning windows and mirrors, many housekeepers use a chemical called “glass cleaner.” It is a clear liquid that usually comes in a spray bottle which helps remove dirt, fingerprints, and smudges. Another standard cleaning product used by maids is called “disinfectant.” Surfaces like worktops, door knobs, and light switches can be disinfected to eliminate germs and viruses that may be present.

They may be applied on both hard and soft surfaces, and they often come in spray bottles for convenience. Finally, maids often use “furniture polish” to clean wood furniture. Furniture polish helps remove dust and dirt from wood surfaces while also giving them a shine. It usually comes in a can or aerosol and is generally applied with a cloth.

House Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies and solutions are designed specifically for usage in each area of the house; nevertheless, the following are some essential house cleaning items that are used by maids to clean.

Microfiber Cloths 

Microfiber Cloths are the most significant buddy of professional house cleaners that may be used wet or dry. In contrast to conventional cotton cloths, these specially-manufactured nylon cloths grip and retain more dirt and germs due to being absorbent. The maid may wash microfiber cloths and use them several times, but they should always wash each cloth separately and avoid using any fabric softener on them.


A vacuum is essential to any comprehensive list of items needed for house cleaning. Vacuum cleaners of a professional grade that are equipped with HEPA filters can remove up to 99 percent of pollutants, including allergens and dust. This is desirable for individuals who suffer from allergies to seasonal allergens or animal dander.


Using a broom is one of those cleaning items that will remain as timeless cleaning equipment. Sweeping the hard floors regularly removes tracked-in debris, dust, and crumbs, making cleaning the floors simpler. This is especially true for hardwood floors.

Disinfectant Wipes

Using disinfectant wipes makes it easy to sanitize surfaces that are regularly used or touched by individuals, such as doorknobs, table tops, counters, and light switches. These wipes are ideal for cleaning sinks, counters, and other surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom in-between more thorough cleanings. When cleaning bathrooms, maids always ensure that they do not use different wipes from the sinks to the toilets.

Spray Bottles

Maids stock up on spray bottles and make some DIY cleansers using natural chemicals to create cleaning sprays that are healthy for the environment. They ensure that each bottle has its respective labels regarding its content to avoid mistakes and for their protection.

Garment Steamer

A portable garment steamer is a piece of cleaning equipment that is both safe and effective. It can degrease surfaces, break down buildup, and sterilize them all at the same time. It is also a convenient way to clean garments. Steam cleaning should not be used on hardwood floors or on materials that can only be cleaned using the dry cleaning method. 

Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

As it is one of the rooms that is used the most, the kitchen is one of the rooms that becomes dirty the quickest. While maids may be able to get away with using commercial products each time they clean the kitchen, it is best for their health and for the environment to use more natural cleaning agents.

All-Purpose Cleaner

Even though store aisles are stocked with cleaning solutions explicitly designed for virtually every room, appliance, or place in the home, all maids genuinely want is a basic all-purpose cleaner. These items may be used for several purposes, including sanitizing counters, removing handprints off walls, and cleaning tile floors.

Dishwashing Liquid

Mild soap is for more than just plates and glasses when dishwashing liquid. When cleaning various surfaces, such as stovetops, refrigerators, table tops, and more, use a mixture of soap and water.

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

The following are some of the best bathroom cleaning supplies used by maids.

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

Tube and Tile Cleaner

Mold, mildew, and grime can be eradicated with regular use at a frequency of at least once per week. To make a tub and tile cleaning that is both efficient and risk-free, maids fill a spray bottle with a solution that contains one part dish detergent and three parts distilled white vinegar.

Rubber Gloves

Maids use this cleaning product to take special care and protect their hands while cleaning the house, especially if they will be using hot water or products that are particularly abrasive. If they really want to go all out, they use rubber gloves with attached microfiber cleaning mittens.


This is a must-have accessory for a maid’s collection of bathroom cleaning supplies! It just takes a few high-quality brushes to turn an ordinary cleaning task into a dazzlingly effective one, whether maids scrub the bathroom or the kitchen. Using a toilet brush to clean away stubborn stains is recommended. An old toothbrush may be used to remove mildew and filth from the tile, particularly in narrow spaces or the grout between tiles. When it comes to cleaning tough items like soap scum and other residues, a bigger scrub brush is the best bet.

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